Stories from Scottish Creations: Mull

“For me creativity is the way we make connections with each other, it's the way we communicate, it's the way we understand our place in the world and we process our emotions and what’s going on around us”

Composer Ailie Robertson

25 August 2022

In May 2022 Scottish Ensemble embarked on a tour with a difference. Scottish Creations was a celebration of the nation’s stories: personal, local, folklore and more. Storytelling was not only conveyed through music, both classical and traditional, but also through the visual arts – with the concert touring with an accompanying exhibition, with work from amateur artists and crafters from across Scotland, each piece connected with storytelling in some way.

In this series of short documentaries we’ll be looking at some of the people and personalities connected to the tour as we travelled across Scotland. This first episode features composer Ailie Robertson, whose new piece ‘Archetypes’ was premiered during the concerts. She talks about her music, her new piece and reflects upon the tour.


Stories from Scottish Creations: Mull

Composer Ailie Robertson

For Scottish Ensemble:

Producer: Stuart Burns
Chief Executive: Jenny Jamison
Artistic Director: Jonathan Morton

For Creative Lives:

Touring Exhibition curator: Kelly Donaldson

For Daysix:

Producer and Director: Gavin Bryce
Cinematography: Lewis Roseweir
Editor: Nicholas Ward

Filmed on location at National Theatre of Scotland, Glasgow and An Tobar and Mull Theatre, Tobermory.

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