Netherlands Tour 2023: Behind the Scenes with Scottish Ensemble

Get to know Scottish Ensemble's musicians as they answer some frequently asked questions about performing, touring and being part of Scotland leading string ensemble.

1 July 2023

Scottish Ensemble Performers

  • Artistic Director/Violin 1- Jonathan Morton
  • Violin 1- Cheryl Crockett, Clio Gould
  • Violin 2- Kate Suthers, Joanne Green, Laura Ghiro
  • Viola- Jane Atkins, Andrew Berridge
  • Cello- Alison Lawrance, Naomi Pavri
  • Double Bass- Diane Clark

Scottish Ensemble Team

  • Chief Executive- Jenny Jamison
  • Digital Producer- William Coates-Gibson
  • Finance Manager- Kimberley Godley-Hendon
  • General Manager- Tom Lovatt
  • Marketing Officer- Chris Duffy
  • Marketing Assistant- Monica Gowans
  • Head of Artistic Planning- Stuart Burns
  • Planning & Production Officer- Chris Gemmell
  • Development Officer- Claire Gauci


  • Cinematographer & Director- Lewis Roseweir
  • Producer- Gavin Bryce
  • Editor Nicholas Ward
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