Insight into the development of Impulse: Music in Motion

Jonathan Morton and choreographer, Örjan Andersson offer an insight into the development of Impulse: Music in Motion.

26 February 2024

Filmed in November 2023, during the first development session for our latest project, Scottish Ensemble’s artistic director, Jonathan Morton and choreographer, Örjan Andersson, discuss how music and movement are being combined to create this ground-breaking new take on the classical concert.

Örjan Andersson is one of Sweden’s most successful choreographers and a regular collaborator with Scottish Ensemble, including the flagship production Goldberg Variations – ternary patterns for insomnia, which saw its 50th performance in 2023. Through Goldberg Variations and other productions, including in Sync, Scottish Ensembles musicians have developed the skills and confidence to play from memory and use movement in their performances which will be further built upon in this brand-new project. For Impulse: Music in Motion Andersson’s creativity unfolds in distinct ways for each piece. Shostakovich’s haunting Chamber Symphony propels viewers into a dynamic tableau, where musicians traverse the stage with captivating intensity, while Tchaikovsky’s joyful Serenade sees graceful sweeps and fluid movements, igniting a sensory feast for the eyes and ears alike.

Impulse: Music in Motion will be performed in Glasgow (8 March), Dundee (12 March), Inverness (12 March) and Perth (13 March). Book tickets here.

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