5 minutes with…Nemone

Broadcaster, DJ and psychotherapist Nemone joins us this week for our performances of Common Sound. We grabbed five minutes with her and put our speed-interview questions to her.

21 October 2021

Scottish Ensemble (SE): Where, or what, is perfection?

Nemone: The mountains near Chamonix with the family (and a hot chocolate nearby).

SE: What do you fear the most?

Nemone: Anchors and the underside of boats … plus metal pillars in water.

SE: What was the first album that you ever bought?

Nemone: Police’s Zenyetta Mondetta on cassette, closely followed by The Best of the Pointer Sisters on Vinyl.

SE: What is the most recent album that you’ve bought or streamed?

Nemone: Self Esteem’s Prioritise Pleasure

SE: What is your current most-played piece of music?

Nemone: Jon Hopkins Sit Around The Fire

SE: What is your favourite word?

Nemone: Onomatopoeic

SE: What keeps you awake at night?

Nemone: The little voice in my head that is not as kind as it could be reminding me of all the things I haven’t done. I’m learning to turn it down.

SE: What is your favourite ritual?

Nemone: I love getting up early in the winter and heading to the lake to swim outdoors. That initial gasp as I enter the water and then the feeling that I have somehow come home with a hot choclate waiting for me on the other side of the swim (there is a theme in these answers – see if you can spot it!)

SE: What’s your signature dish in the kitchen?

Nemone: I make a mean Greek salad … obviously much better with huge beefy juicy tomatoes in Greece and huge slabs of authentic Greek feta with Kalamata olives. Plus I make a decent Béchamel.

SE: Vinyl or Streaming? And why?

Nemone: Vinyl every time … it is magical removing vinyl from the sleeve for the first time holding it between your palms … placing on the slipmat, blowing any dust off the needle and lifting the needle onto the vinyl – not using the lever ! The needle arms on mine still have pennies on top of the needle to weigh it down and stop it jumping when I used to mix on my Technic 1210s back in the day.

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