Until 17 November 2024

Anna Meredith: Tull

The musical score comes alive when a forest of pink plinths – each with their own independent character – grows homogenously in response to the music. Scottish Ensemble musicians – as if museum objects on display – balance precariously on top, whilst performing Anna Meredith’s gripping piece with laser focus.  

Released in partnership with Delphian Records, Tull joins Scottish Ensemble’s growing catalogue of visually-striking music videos, from Philip Glass’ Symphony No. 3, to a gripping excerpt from Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony, the second film of their partnership with Forest of Black which will be released in Spring 2024.  


  • Anna Meredith

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Scottish Ensemble

  • Musical Director
    Jonathan Morton
  • Violin 1
    Cheryl Crockett
  • Liza Johnson
  • Greta Mutlu
  • Violin 2
    Donald Grant
  • Laura Ghiro
  • Joanne Green
  • George Smith
  • Viola
    Jane Atkins
  • Andrew Berridge
  • Felix Tanner
  • Cello
    Alison Lawrance
  • Naomi Pavri
  • Sonia Cromarty
  • Double Bass
    Daniel Griffin

Forest of Black

  • Producer
    Beth Allan
  • Director
    Oscar Sansom Ains
  • Production Assistant
    Josefin Bagge

Production Team

  • Scottish Ensemble Producer
    Stuart Burns
  • Scottish Ensemble Digital Producer
    Will Coates- Gibson
  • Filmed at
    Assumption Studios
  • Govan Project Space
  • Photographer
    Julie Broadfoot
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