Stewart Laing / Untitled Projects

Currently Associate Director with National Theatre of Scotland, Stewart Laing’s celebrated reputation is entangled with Untitled Projects, the company he formed to create one-off, adventurous, truly genre- defying events. His work pushes at the future, probes the social obsessions of the present, and reframes cultural history; it also provokes on an intellectual level, and entertains on a humanone.

Directing credits with Untitled Projects include: THEM!; J.G. Ballard Project; blind_sight; Slope; An Argument About Sex; The Salon Project; Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner; Slope Redux.

Further credits include: The Maids (Citizens Theatre); Ten Plagues (Traverse Theatre); Les Parents Terribles, Titus Andronicus (Dundee Rep); The Sewing Group (Royal Court); and Creditors (Lyceum).

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