Social Bite began as a sandwich shop on Rose Street in Edinburgh in 2012 and has grown to become a key player in ending homelessness in Scotland and beyond. Every day the charity welcomes people experiencing homelessness to their cafes for free- food, and over the years has also received visits from Hollywood superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney.

Social Bite is one of the largest distributors of free fresh food to homeless people in the UK, annually providing over 140,000 items of food and hot drinks. In response to the recent pandemic, more than 800,000 emergency food packs and essential items were distributed.

At the heart of the organisation remains a passion for empowering people to transform their own lives, with one in three of Social Bite’s staff coming from abackground of homelessness.

Social Bite’s 2017 and 2018 Sleep in Park events in Scotland raised almost £8m and saw more than 18,000 people sleeping out. The funds raised saw The Social Bite Village become a reality in May 2018. The charity also launched a nationwide program to bring 830 rough sleepers off the streets into their own accommodation, with over 500 people now in homes of their own with tailored support.

This year Social Bite plans to replicate its Social Bite Village project in two new cities, targeting Glasgow and London.

The Social Bite Fund is a registered charity in Scotland which remains committed to alleviating homelessness and poverty through pioneering projects.


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