Scottish Ensemble. What to expect: Alternative Venues

Concert halls

Many of our concerts take place in concert halls frequented by other orchestras as well as rock, folk, jazz and pop events. The acoustics in these venues are brilliant and the benefits of hearing a smaller group play are even more apparent – you have the feeling of being much more up close with each performer.

Scottish Ensemble. What to expect: Concert Halls

Other venues

We also put on both ticketed and free events outside the concert hall, which aim to challenge the place of the string orchestra – and classical music in general – in our world. Examples include:
– once-derelict buildings
– hospital wards
– supermarket aisles
– parks
– people’s front rooms

Scottish Ensemble. What to expect: Formalities

Formality and conventions

If you’ve not been to a classical concert before you might wonder if there’s anything important you should know about what happens. The answer is yes and no! There are certain historical conventions attached to a classical concert which make it more like seeing a show at the theatre, for example:
– clapping only at the end of a piece, not the end of a movement (as sometimes feels natural)
– no recording or taking photographs on your mobile phone
– no talking through the performance
– saving bathroom breaks for the interval

However, there is nothing whatsoever that should make a classical concert different from going to any other event where you would go to enjoy incredible music played by outstanding performers, and Scottish Ensemble is all about trying to change these perceptions.


We are also committed to making all of our events as accessible as possible with regards to the varied needs of our audience members. Each concert hall we work with has its own accessibility structures in place, and when we put on events outside of the concert hall, we do everything in our power to make sure that the venue is accessible to all.

Other services Scottish Ensemble provides are:

– large print versions of our programmes and/or publicity material on request
– programme notes available to read online after the concert

If you have any questions at all regarding accessibility, please get in touch with us on or 0141 332 4747. You can also check the venue’s website for detailed information on which services they provide – you’ll find contact details for our frequently-visited venues on this page.