Last chance to watch First Light!

First Light

Ahead of First Light going offline at midnight on 7 August, we had a chat with the Director Richard Watson to hear about his experiences first hand “Working with Scottish Ensemble has been not only a fun experience, but It has also given me the opportunity to experiment and develop my craft. “With any project,… Read more »

First Light

First Light

Bringing life and energy into your world; signalling our transition from darkness to brighter times.

Opportunity: could you help upgrade our website?

We’re looking to work with an agency or individual in the coming months to redesign our current site as it does not currently showcase our brand and our work to their full extent. Within the classical music industry, SE is known as an innovator; our website should reflect this reputation. We would like to undertake… Read more »

WATCH NOW: Philip Glass Symphony No.3

Philip Glass

A note from the Director, Sven Werner: “This project has been a real joy for me. Being a serious Philip Glass fan myself I was delighted when this commission was brought to my attention. I spent several days listening to the two movements of Symphony No 3, allowing myself to enter that meditative poetic trance-like… Read more »