Stories from Scottish Creations: Aberdeen

“For me, my painting is an invitation to pause, reflect, and enjoy your time”

Ruth Simpson, artist

15 November 2022

In this latest episode from our series of documentaries from our Scottish Creations tour we’re in Aberdeen, where we meet local artist Ruth Simpson. Ruth talks about what inspires her work, and her painting, The Language of Trees, that featured in the tour’s exhibition.


Stories from Scottish Creations: Aberdeen

The Local Artist

Artist: Ruth Simpson

For Scottish Ensemble:

Producer: Stuart Burns
Chief Executive: Jenny Jamison
Artistic Director: Jonathan Morton

For Creative Lives:

Touring Exhibition curator: Kelly Donaldson

For Daysix:

Producer and Director: Gavin Bryce
Cinematography: Lewis Roseweir
Editor: Nicholas Ward


Filmed on location at Aberdeen Music Hall


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