Prelude – skydiving from a dream – Behind the Scenes

A look at the making of our new collaboration with Andersson Dance, at the development days in Glasgow and Stockholm.

31 October 2018

Prelude – skydiving from a dream is Scottish Ensemble’s second collaboration with Andersson Dance, and a brand new challenge.

As well as taking apart and exploring three pieces of music each as rich, complex, intense and wild as the other – but in very different ways – Scottish Ensemble musicians will once again be choreographed alongside three trained (and enviably talented) dancers. The idea is to create one seamless spectacle which fuses live musical performance with the raw thrill of bold, inquisitive contemporary choreography, in the process not only exploring the notion of form in both music and dance, but presenting three pieces of music in a new way, in a new light.

After a packed three-night run at London’s Barbican Centre with our first collaboration, Goldberg Variations – ternary patterns for insomnia, we were straight back to Glasgow – and back in our lycra – to start the development of this intriguing new piece. And of course, just to make sure that our sportswear was on show to the world (groan) – we invited a photographer along to document our struggles, triumphs, and everything in between.

In October, SE Artistic Director Jonathan Morton joined Clyde, Ida and Hokuto – the three dancers – in Stockholm for the next stage of the development. You can see a glimpse of this below, too.

As with our first collaboration, the process has been rewarding, frustrating and uplifting, inspiring, exhausting and eye-opening, often all in the space of one day. But, above all, the process has been one about getting to the heart of three pieces of music, de- and re-constructing them together to discover new layers, and new ways of looking at them. We hope to share these new insights and perspectives with you this November.

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