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Our first ever SE Sessions event in Glasgow, downstairs in the CCA’s Saramago bar on Monday 8 December, was an absolute pleasure. Jonathan, Tristan, Andy, Alison and Diane all sacrificed a precious day off to prepare a set of their favourite short pieces, mostly from the 20th-century (although Jon’s rendition of Bach’s Partita No.2 was a particular highlight). Sitting with a glass of wine and plates of delicious food, listening to everything from electronic producer Alex Menzies’ trance-inspired Akesis to Sculthorpe’s astonishing Jabiru Dreaming, complete with twittering bird noises made by the strings, was a wonderful way to experience music.

So, a huge thank you to the players, and thank you to everyone who braved the Glasgow chill to be there on the night. We’re already looking forward to the next one on Monday 23 February 2015.

For those who missed out this time, here’s a setlist from the night, and a short Spotify playlist to give you an aural taster.

Set One

Glass   Company Part 1

Bartok   Ruthenian Jong

Alex Menzies   Akesis

Bartok   Ruthenian Kolomeika

Glass   Company Part 2

Bartok   Wedding Song

Debussy   String Quartet (movement 2)

Sculthorpe   Jabiru Dreaming (movement 1)

Set Two

Debussy   String Quartet (movement 3)

Bach   Partita No.2 (Allemanda)

Stuart Greenbaum   Danny Boy Variations

Glass   Company Part 4

Sculthorpe   Jabiru Dreaming (movement 2)

Pärt   Fratres