Whether during Residencies, in collaboration with our Homeschool in Glasgow, or in response to requests, we deliver a varied programme of schools’ workshops throughout the year – from primary to school leavers.


Workshops and performances can be inspired by a wide range of learning outcomes, ideas, or needs. Here is just one example, aimed at P5 – P7 students (second level – CfE).

Where Do Composers get their Ideas?

How do composers get from a blank piece of paper to a musical masterpiece? What sparks their ideas? Is it the inspiration of a melody, the sound of bird song, a poem brought to life, a personal reaction to the tragedy of war?

In this interactive workshop, we offer young people the opportunity to explore these questions. Led and presented by Scottish Ensemble violinist Joanne Green, the workshop treats young listeners to extracts of classical music from across 300 years of history – from Bach and Vivaldi, to Steve Reich and Astor Piazzolla – all performed by some of the UK’s top string players in full force in your school hall.

The workshop gives young people the chance to experience:

● Exciting and inspirational live performances of classical music in a familiar environment
● Engaging discussion with Scottish Ensemble’s musicians
● Interactive musical games and rhythm exercises (no prior musical experience necessary)
● Active learning in groups in a fun and supportive environment.

“A fantastic way of getting musical concepts across. The staff and musicians were so friendly and approachable.”
Feedback from a teacher at Dumfries High School, 2017


RCS Week

An essential part of any promising player’s education is the opportunity to play with top professionals. Every year, our principal players join string students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for a week of intensive work, detailed rehearsals, and stimulating musical discussion.

This is a chance for the students to deeply explore complex pieces of string repertoire and the technical and interpretative skills required to perform them. During the week the students have the opportunity to play side-by-side with our world class string players and learn what is required to get to that level. Then at the end of the week, we give a collective public performance as part of the RCS’ Friday at One series – and, on occasion, at other venues across Scotland.

Young Artist Programme

Each year, following on from our RCS Week, we ask up to four students to join us as a Young Artist.

The idea behind our Young Artist programme is to provide the opportunity for those at the start of their careers to grow both artistically and professionally, giving them the best chance of succeeding in reaching their full potential. As well as joining us for a full performance tour, our Young Artists also take part in SE’s education and community activities throughout the year, are assigned a musician mentor, and become more familiar with the SE office team and the workings of a musical organisation.

Several Young Artists have since returned as professional players in the Ensemble – something we continue to value and strive for.