Launched in 2012, the Scottish Ensemble Residency series was established as way of taking music out of the concert hall and bringing it directly to the community, specifically focusing on those who might have little or no access to music.

Residencies see us working in a wide range of settings, and with a wide range of local partners including schools, hospitals, care homes, museums, cafes and more through SE’s integrated programme of events taking place outside of the concert hall. By collaborating, we can ensure that each event is crafted in response to what local partners advise us will have the greatest impact.

We currently deliver our Residency activities in Dundee, Inverness, Aberdeen, the Highlands & Islands and Dumfries – and we’re always interested in both hearing requests, and seeking out new partners. If you have an idea for a Residency event, or if you know of a group of people who you think would enjoy hearing or participating in live music-making, please get in touch:

Duncan Sutherland
Projects and Creative Learning Manager
0141 332 4747

Examples of Residency highlights

Pausing with Music

Developed in collaboration with Maggie’s Centres

Inspired by a day spent in the Maggie’s Centre in Dundee – a very special place, and the only Frank-Gehry-designed building in the UK – we developed sessions which use deep listening and mindfulness techniques (for those who wished) to channel the power of music to help ease pain and anxiety. As well as helping people to experience the benefits of being ‘in the moment’, the sessions introduce them to tools and practices that can be of use long after the workshop has finished.

The sessions are led by an experienced clinical mindfulness practitioner, and music is provided by a quartet of SE musicians. Our choice of music has been curated in such a way to allow participants to access a wide range of potential emotions and to have space to explore these emotions in a healthy and supported way. After each piece, the participants break from their listening and take part in a guided group discussion on how the music allowed them to feel. This has led to some truly moving moments for participants and musicians.

After our initial Residency activities, we developed this collaboration and have now visited almost every Maggie’s Centre in Scotland. We’d like to thank the Maggie’s Centre teams for all their ideas, and for welcoming us into these amazing spaces.