14 - 15 February 2025

The Law of Gravity

What can puppetry reveal about music? In a new collaboration with master puppeteer Mark Down and his team at Blind Summit, musicians and puppeteers come together to blend sound and visuals, exploring the abstract and the real.

Through the romance of Schoenberg’s Transfigured Night and its hope for the future, and the mesmerising modern world of Philip Glass, music will breathe life into the puppet. And the puppet, the ideal dancer not bound by the same physical laws as us, will fleetingly reveal to you the composers’ intentions, their ambitions and their ideas.

February, Edinburgh – date to be announced.

Blind Summit are a cohort of puppet makers and puppeteers, who have contributed to the creation of some of the most extraordinary spectacles of recent years: from the giant storybook characters in the opening ceremony of London’s 2012 Olympic Games to the critically acclaimed productions War Horse and Pinocchio at the National Theatre, they consistently subvert people’s expectations of puppetry.

A 65 minute performance.


  • Arnold Schoenberg
    Verklärte Night (Transfigured Night)
  • Philip Glass
    Symphony No. 3
  • Fri 14 February 7:30 pm
    Dundee  Dundee Rep Theatre
  • Sat 15 February 7:30 pm
    Glasgow  RSNO, New Auditorium
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