31 March - 30 September 2022


Reveal is the latest stage of our collaboration with artist Jyll Bradley, composer Anna Clyne and violist Jane Atkins.

The project started life as Pardes; part of our 2020 lockdown series ‘Solo Collaborations’, taking place solely online. It explored our relationship with the ever-changing natural world and took the form of a time-lapse video, filmed over the course of a day, featuring Jyll’s artwork and Jane Atkins performing Anna Clyne’s Reveal.

A year later, the project became tangible reality. Jyll Bradley’s Pardes (the title comes from an ancient name for a walled fruit garden that gave rise to the familiar word ‘paradise’) was realised as an installation at the newly enlarged Fruitmarket in Edinburgh. The space it was commissioned for had formerly been a fruit and vegetable market, and Jyll drew on this heritage in her work. Six beams made in wood and live-edged Perspex fly through the space from ceiling to floor. Lit from within, they create a canopy that envelops the viewer in warm, green light, sustaining us through the darkest time of the year from Autumn to Spring.

The installation was designed as a space for gathering, celebration and contemplation and in this spirit Jane Atkins gave several live performances of Reveal within the artwork late last year.

A few weeks later Jane returned to the gallery. With artist Jyll Bradley directing, Jane’s performance of Reveal was filmed within the context of the installation, and that film is now here for you to watch and enjoy.

  • Viola
    Jane Atkins
  • Film and Installation by
    Jyll Bradley
  • Reveal composed by
    Anna Clyne

Watch the Film

Production Team

  • Director
    Jyll Bradley
  • Camera
    Will Martin
  • Editor
    Will Martin
  • Additional Camera
    Brian Ross
  • Sound Engineer
    Jonathan Green
  • Original backing track mixed and edited by Anna Clyne and mastered by Jody Elff
  • Filmed and recorded live in ‘Pardes’ an installation by Jyll Bradley in the Fruitmarket Warehouse on 7 December 2021

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Project Credits

For Scottish Ensemble:

Producer: Stuart Burns
Chief Executive: Jenny Jamison
Chief Executive (Maternity Cover): William Norris
Artistic Director: Jonathan Morton

For the Fruitmarket:
Director: Fiona Bradley
Curator: Exhibitions and Commissions: Sam Woods

Reveal composed by Anna Clyne

Streamed by kind permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd

With special thanks to: Jane Atkins

Supported by: Creative Scotland and RPS Audience Fund in association with the Rachel Baker Memorial Charity

Jyll Bradley Pardes Supporters Circle:
Longrow Capital, Sarah Elson, Frank Krikhaar, Bianca and Stuart Roden, Karen and Mark Smith, Freda and Izak Uziyel, Bina and Philippe von Stauffenberg, Axel Beck and Cecile Belaman.

© Jyll Bradley / Scottish Ensemble / Fruitmarket Gallery 2022

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