Daniel Pioro is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the most
groundbreaking violinists of his generation.

Based in London and Edinburgh, he has performed as soloist with the
London Philharmonic Orchestra, the BBC Philharmonic, the London
Contemporary Orchestra, and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Pioro actively promotes new music and is interested in finding new ways of
listening to and creating sound, as well as developing strong collaborations
with composers, musicians, artists, and writers. In 2015 Edmund Finnis
wrote ‘Elsewhere’ for him, which he premiered at the South Bank Centre’s
first DEEP∞MINIMALISM Festival; following a long period of close
collaboration Jonny Greenwood wrote Horror vacui, a solo violin concerto
for Pioro and 68 strings, performed for the first time at the BBC Proms in
2019; while his repertoire also includes Thomas Adès’ cosmic violin
concerto, ‘Concentric Paths’. He also works closely with the Icelandic
composer and producer, Valgeir Sigurðsson, and this partnership has taken
his deep listening still further, whether working in the studio or performing
live with electronics.

Pioro works closely with the acclaimed author Michael Morpurgo, a
collaboration that has created The Storyteller’s Ensemble, a group of
musicians devoted to the written and spoken word, as well as working on
cross-genre collaborations with artists such as Canadian audiovisual artists,
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.

In March 2019 his debut album, Dust, of music for solo violin and
electronics was released on the Bedroom Community label, and in
September 2019 his recording of Bach’s ‘Partita No. 2’ was released on
Octatonic Records.

Musician Daniel Pioro holding his violin and smiling