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Calling all secondary teachers of Glasgow!

Scottish Ensemble musicians performing for a school.

Scottish Ensemble are offering two after-school sessions for teachers exploring music and mindfulness.  With all the challenges of recent times we know that teachers and pupils alike have experienced increased stress and anxiety in their lives. Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to help us respond to these feelings, and we’ve found combing it with music is a powerful way to discover it, as well as being a fascinating listening experience.

Session 1 on Oct 25th is for teachers to experience the session for themselves.  Enjoy an evening of live music and meditation.

Session 2 on Nov 1st is an opportunity to explore how you could lead a similar session for pupils in your school. Attendees will be offered the opportunity to host future sessions with Scottish Ensemble musicians live in your school.  As well as an amazing pastoral care resource, this practise can improve emotional literacy and concentration skills in young people.

Sessions are open to secondary school teachers of any discipline teaching in Glasgow City Council.

To sign up please use the Glasgow City Council CPD portal, or to find out more, please contact our Creative Learning Manager, Duncan.”