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‘Tis the season to bang a few candles on the poster for your event and call it Christmassy.

In fact, you’re hard stumped to find a Christmas event that doesn’t have some sort of glowing warmth involved in the advertising, if not the event, because, let’s face it, doing anything by candlelight is (a) an intrinsically Christmassy thing and (b) an intrinsically cosy and gorgeous thing which we all need at this most bleak time of year.

Because we like to poke and prod at things and explore what we can do with taken-for-granted concepts (are we musical pests?) this year we’ve invited DO Architecture along to our December tour to give their contemporary take on the concept behind our ‘concerts by candlelight’ series. If you came to 20th-Century Perspectives: City Spaces and Strings last year, then these are the people who worked with Toby Paterson to shape the space: a talented bunch with wonderful inventive visions.

In the same way that the music of Bach, Part and Gubaidulina (the three composers making up our programme this year) match the patterns or atmospheres generated by the buildings (as illuminated in this post on Bach’s Goldberg Variations by our Writer-in-Residence Gareth K.Vile), so does the lighting design, this year, attempt to complement both the music and the architecture.

We don’t want to reveal too much before the night and spoil the surprise but, since it’s Christmas, two tiny teasers are probably alright…



Three Pärts Bach takes place from Mon 7 to Sat 12 December 2015, calling at Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Perth. Click a city for more information on each concert.