Listen Live! is a new workshop by Scottish Ensemble. In this two-hour workshop, Scottish Ensemble musicians help S5-S6 pupils prepare for the listening element of their SQA Higher Music exam.

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Taking place over a double period, the workshop explores significant sections of the syllabus’ Music Concept List through live performance by a quartet of professional musicians and interactive tasks using digital and smart technology.

While learning from a CD is effective and practical, this live workshop helps to lift the pupils’ experience and understanding to the next level by bringing listening concepts to life and allowing the pupils to unpick the music and put it back together to deepen and embed learning. Experiencing and hearing the sounds up close and at their most powerful will offer an experience that will stay with pupils as they prepare for their exam.

An experienced workshop leader and composer will lead pupils through a range of musical works from different periods and give them tools to help identify factors such as structure, period, phrasing and special techniques. A specially-commissioned work by workshop leader Eve Harrison will be an effective way of condensing all the learning points into one bespoke, short, intense listening experience, which will bring the music into the present day for the young people.

This process is enhanced by the use of a specially created online platform: the Listen Live! project app will offer additional content and interactive and visual learning to reinforce some of the techniques explored in the workshop.

The workshop offers a rare opportunity to bring an exam to life and contextualise these musical concepts in a real performance – as well as hearing some of Scotland’s best classical musicians up close.