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Why take part with Scottish Ensemble?

From the very early years, Scottish Ensemble’s work has been as much about what goes on outside the concert hall as what happens on stage.

We believe everyone who wants to should be able to access and enjoy music. We also understand that not everyone feels comfortable going to a formal venue and that some people might need a bit more support to attend their first concert. 

So, across the year, we take workshops, performances and bespoke events directly into the community and share music with as broad a range of people as possible: young people, people who face isolation, and people who are unlikely or unable to experience live music. By creating a broad range of ways through which people can find a way in to music, we hope to create new ways to share the power and positivity that listening to and playing music can bring. 

Supported by composer, performer and workshop leader James Redwood and a range of partners, these events are an integral and connected part of our work which everyone – from SE musicians, to guest artists, to SE staff – is involved in.


In our regular touring cities, we work with partners across the year to deliver Residencies, where we spend time in one place working with local partners to create collaborative performances, workshops, introductions to music, and special events for more isolated members of the community.

Schools & Students

Our Young Artists Scheme, in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, offers practical experience to promising young strings students, whilst through the year we work with primary and secondary schools on bespoke workshops that illuminate elements of the curriculum and help support learning across different subjects.

We also offer free tickets to almost all our events for u16s (with a paying adult) and schools groups. Contact us to find out more or arrange tickets.

We can come to you

We also work with our season’s artists and collaborators on bespoke workshops which take music to people in imaginative ways. So we might take a project about the environment into a school and make music that responds to young people’s reactions to the world they live in, or if we are creating a project about heart transplants, we might work with clinicians to plan a visit to a hospital ward, bringing diversion and a positive moment to a sensitive setting.

If you have an idea or are inspired by something you see in our programme or website, please get in touch and we can explore the idea of bringing our music to you, or people you support.