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News on our Covid safety measures and performance formats

We absolutely can’t wait to be reunited with audiences across Scotland this October, with our first live indoor performances since the Spring of 2020.

We know though that for many of you this might be the first time you’ve considered returning to an indoor performance.

That’s why we’re offering socially distanced performances at all venues. For our 6pm performances in Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh and our 2pm performance in Dundee, we’ll only be selling 50% of the venue, allowing audiences plenty of space between them and other parties.

However, we’re also aware that some of you might have now been going to performances for a while, and are keen to return to a more normal concert-going experience. So we’re also offering conventional non-distanced performances at 8pm in Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh.

Whichever performance you choose, our partner venues have rigorous Covid measures. We’ll be providing hand sanitiser, and will ask audiences to follow the Scottish Government guidance to wear a face covering indoors.

Additionally, you can rest assured that all Scottish Ensemble staff and musicians are being tested daily.

We hope that with these measures you’ll feel reassured, safe and comfortable at our events, whichever performance you choose.

Common Sound performances run from 21 October through to 24 October, and you can find out more about them and book tickets (which are just £10 for all shows) on the Concerts page of this website.


If you’ve any questions or would like anything clarified please don’t hesitate to contact us through our social media channels, or simply drop us a line here.