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As part of our Digital Season, we invite you to join us in creating a special innovative online version of one of Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations. Tumbling Song will bring together people from across the world through music, and for this one moment in 2020, Scottish Ensemble will swell to encompass all these voices. You could be one of them.

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Pauline Oliveros’ music presents a unique opportunity to let go of what a wrong note is, and for all participants to be musical equals. She wrote 25 Sonic Meditations between March and November 1971. They are instructions that anyone can follow, without any need for a knowledge of musical theory or technical skill. The Sonic Meditations invite you into a heightened state of Deep Listening ® by paying close attention to your breathing, your body and the sounds around you, and allow you to find new sounds of your own.

To take part in Tumbling Song (the 14th Sonic Meditation), listen to members of the Ensemble’s instruments and voices, you can then follow instructions to join them in making this Sonic Meditation a true celebration of listening and togetherness through submitting your own musical meditation.

Even when we are apart from one another, we can still make music together.

Think you know someone who would like to take part? Make sure you tell all your friends as we’d like as many people as possible to be a part of this special creation. Share your experience online with #SETumblingSong

Make sure you upload your submission by Wednesday 19 August to be included in our final recording which will be premiered online.

Tumbling Song is part of our Digital Season running July-September 2020. Check out our Musical Book Club and find out more very soon about our brand new online collaboration with Scottish Dance Theatre.

Project credits

SE Musicians:

Violins: Jonathan Morton, Cheryl Crockett, Laura Ghiro, Joanne Green, Liza Johnson, Daniel Pioro
Viola: Andrew Berridge
Cello: Alison Lawrance, Naomi Pavri
Double Bass: Diane Clark

SE Project Lead: Daniel Pioro

Web page design and development: John Hunter (non zero one) and Sam Tripp (Common Works)

Courtesy Pauline Oliveros Trust,  https://popandmom.org/

Members ASCAP Center for Deep Listening