Anno is Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons interspersed with newly written sounds; a year of music, condensed into an hour; a sensory experience of the passing of time; a brand new context for an old, beloved piece.

Commissioned by Spitalfields Music and Scottish Ensemble, Anno is a brand new composition by one of the most inventive composers writing today. Combining and intertwining Vivaldi’s four extremely well-known seasonal concerti, The Four Seasons, with her own new electronic compositions, Anna Meredith has created one continuous, hour-long, fresh experience of the original Baroque masterpiece for string orchestra and electronics.

Stepping into a dark, transformed world, in the live performance, the audience experiences a year in an hour, surrounded by musicians and projections as a circle of powerful sound and light merges, collides, intersplices and cocoons.

The result is one continuous, hour-long, live experience for the ears and the eyes.