Scottish Ensemble is known for its innovative thinking and approach, for combining a respect for heritage with a flair for the contemporary, and for its accessible, high quality offering.

We offer powerful experiences for people across Scotland to enjoy the benefits of live music and participative music-making.

Corporate partnerships can enable increased reach and impact for Scotland’s citizens – whether that’s through supporting work that connects with isolated individuals, that inspires the next generation to discover and realise their musical potential or that forges new ground in the creative sector. With this potential in mind, we look to build mutually beneficial partnerships which allow both partners to achieve their goals.

SE’s flexibility and creativity ensure that we can offer a wide range of benefits to organisations who may wish to support our work. Tailored to suit to your needs, these can include unique receptions at our performances, accreditations online and at events across Scotland or internationally, opportunities to meet our artists and creative teams, back-stage access, and special experiences or even creative training for clients or employees.

Potential Benefits

Our supporters reference the value they place on:

  • Unique live music-based client experiences
  • Relationship with one of Scotland (and the UK’s) leading music organisations, with national and international reach and reputation, and with an outstanding track record for innovation, quality experiences, and commitment to Scotland’s communities and to diversity
  • Entertainment and an ‘unusual offer’ for staff or clients
  • Significant positive media exposure

Previous Corporate Partners include:

BAA Scottish Airports
British Telecom
Corney & Barrow
Inksters Solicitors

If you would like to explore a Corporate Partnership in more detail, please contact:

William Norris (Interim Chief Executive)
0141 332 4747