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Solo Collaborations #1: these bones, this flesh, this skin

Free to access at any time - create your own experience and explore all 21 versions of this new work

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Solo Collaborations are our new series of groundbreaking online audiovisual works, each capturing our approach to imaginative cross-artform collaborations.

The heart of each Solo Collaboration will be the creation of a new commission: a work of around four minutes created in partnership between a composer, a collaborator from another art form and a member of Scottish Ensemble. Working closely throughout the process, the composer will create a new work, recorded by the musician at home, while the collaborator creates a filmed visual response. We’d like each Solo Collaboration to be the starting point for a longer term partnership, ideally leading to live interaction between artists in the future.

Solo Collaborations are part of our Digital Summer Season 2020 which also includes Musical Book Club and Sonic Meditations:Tumbling Song.

Solo Collaboration #1
these bones, this flesh, this skin

Developed in collaboration between Scottish Ensemble and Scottish Dance Theatre, these bones, this flesh, this skin is a digital work for solo violin and solo dancer by composer Martin Suckling, choreographer Joan Clevillé and cinematographer Genevieve Reeves. Through a bespoke online platform, the audience is invited to combine different audio and visual layers to decide how they want to experience the work in multiple iterations.

Born out of a unique period in our lives, the piece explores how heightened attention can reveal different experiences of time in our bodies and the environment around us. This layering of simplicity and complexity also manifests in the way that you are invited to make decisions. With every new iteration you can discover new perspectives, new nuances waiting for you in the spaces in between music, cinematography and dance, between the traces of our own memories and the aliveness of our attention.


Developed in partnership with Scottish Dance Theatre, these bones, this flesh, this skin is a new commission for solo violin and solo dancer by composer Martin Suckling and choreographer Joan Clevillé. The work was performed by Jonathan Morton and João Castro, with cinematography by Genevieve Reeves and costume advice by designer Matthias Strahm.


Wed 5 Aug 2020 at