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Musical Book Club

SE's Musical Book Club is an opportunity to discover and discuss amazing music with special guests

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An interactive discussion of composer Dobrinka Tabakova’s musical works and influences, hosted by Scottish Ensemble.

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What is Scottish Ensemble’s Musical Book Club?

Through our Musical Book Club, we want to offer a relaxed environment to bring people together, discuss powerful works of music, and recapture some of the post-concert spirit we might otherwise enjoy over drinks after a performance.

Please note, you don’t need to have any existing technical musical knowledge to join in – this is all about sharing passion and interest!

You’re welcome to join the discussion, share thoughts and questions, or simply listen along at home.

An Evening with Dobrinka Tabakova

“The term ‘avant-garde’ is changing, and Dobrinka is one of those lending it a new meaning. Her credo… consists of a simple basic idea: that something new can always be found, even in the most familiar places. Her music, therefore, sets out to explore this zone of familiarity and the unknown, never drawing any borders…” – Tobias Fischer, music writer and broadcaster

Dobrinka Tabakova is a composer whose work sits at the juncture of past and future: richly rooted in a tonal tradition that it continually reinvents and sheds new light upon.

Join us as Dobrinka explores her compositional process and musical influences, with a particular focus on her writing for strings.

How Can I Join In?

The Book Club will be hosted through the free video conferencing software Zoom. If you would like any assistance downloading or configuring Zoom, just let us know.

A playlist containing recordings to be discussed, along with some questions and thoughts from Tom, will be shared with participants around one week before the session.

Tickets for this event cost £5 (plus online booking fee).

Book your ticket on Eventbrite here.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions, feel free to write to Scott at scott.morrison@scottishensemble.co.uk.

Musical Book Club #6: An Evening with Dobrinka Tabakova – Online,

Wed 18 Nov 2020 at 7:30 pm