Call for Production Company – Goldberg Variations

November 29, 2022

We're looking for an experienced production company to capture an upcoming performance.

Top down image of a performance of The Goldberg Variations

Scottish Ensemble is looking to collaborate with an experienced production company to capture their highly successful music and contemporary dance show Goldberg Variations: ternary patterns for insomnia. 

The Project

Performance concept: 

A collaboration between, Glasgow-based string orchestra, Scottish Ensemble and Stockholm-based contemporary dance company, Andersson Dance, the visually-striking performance features 11 musicians and 5 dancers choreographed together as one to create a new, 21st-century, interpretation of J.S. Bach’s masterpiece: Goldberg Variations. 

Örjan Andersson’s choreography uses dancers and musicians to create a playful, engaging and contemporary take on this classical masterpiece. Jonathan Morton’s musical direction builds on Scottish Ensemble’s reputation for vibrant and energetic performances together with an ambitious and highly flexible approach to collaboration. 



This performance project aims to engage a wide range of concert-going audiences as well as new online and at-home audiences unaware of our work or unfamiliar with classical music in general, but who are looking for interesting and unique live experiences. Having successfully toured Europe, China and the US, this film will offer the production an opportunity to continue its international life by presenting to audiences on screens around the world. 



A multi-camera performance film of the live 80-minute choreographed show, delivered within 35 days of filming. An audio recording of the filmed performance will be supplied separately, and care should be taken with regard to audio / visual syncing.   

The final product must be easily accessible (i.e. no special technology required to experience it) and reflect the high-quality output of Scottish Ensemble’s live experiences. Camera movement is encouraged within the confines of the space and mindful of the live audience. The performance will be pitched for national and international broadcast, so should meet industry standard broadcast formats.  



Live performances of Goldberg Variations with Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble will take place at 7.30 pm on 3 and 4 March 2023 at Glasgow’s Tramway to a live audience. Both performances should be captured. Crew will be able to unload/set up on 2 March 2023 



Pending the complexity of technical delivery, the indicative budget for visual-only capture of both performances is £10,000. All audio recording equipment and personnel will be budgeted separately. 


How to apply:

Applications are now closed, thanks for your interest.  

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