Andersson Dance is an alternating constellation of artists in the field of dance collaborating with choreographer Örjan Andersson, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Andersson Dance collaborates with venues and organizers nationally and internationally and invite artists from all over the world to collaborate in new and older creations.

Andersson Dance is analogous to choreographer Örjan Andersson’s artistry and a language of derived from vastly different experiences of creating choreographic works. This language and his fascination with space and the amount we take hold of has been and is still in focus. Whatever the context, this side of the choreographer has been the common denominator – the movement in space and time. Örjan Anderssons investigation and fascination with movement has been conducted in many disparate contexts. Early on he received opportunities to create choreography for the large institutions nationally and internationally. This gave him an opportunity to develop his language and his view on the larger stages. At the same time Örjan Andersson founded Andersson Dance.

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