Work & Play with Alina Ibragimova (violin)

Being apportioned twenty minutes of Alina Ibragimova‘s fleeting, shrinking, almost ephemeral spare time feels like a real honour. This is a violinist who has been playing concertos with professional orchestras since the age of six; who first played London’s Wigmore Hall before she was even a teenager; who was asked to play at Yehudi Menuhin‘s funeral; and, more… Read more »

Work & Play with Gabriela Montero (piano)

  Gabriela Montero has just had her hair coloured. “I hated it!” she breathes down the phone from Barcelona, in between mouthfuls of pasta. “I was reading a book and I couldn’t concentrate as I could see my hair turning this sort of orange colour…” Thankfully, the stylist has managed to rectify the situation with more dye… Read more »