Q&A with Anna Meredith

A few years ago, Scottish Ensemble commissioned Anna Meredith, one of the most intriguing and individual composers of her generation, to write a new piece for string orchestra and electronics. The idea came from a conversation between Anna and SE Artistic Director Jonathan Morton, in which Jon was musing upon new ways of performing Vivaldi’s famous, and… Read more »

Welcome to the 2016-17 Season.

We’re so excited to be able to share the details of our brand new season with you. Spanning June 2016 to June 2017, the programme is absolutely packed full of events and, as such, it’s difficult to pick just one or two highlights. We really should mention ANNO, our collaboration with classical-electronic composer Anna Meredith and visual artist… Read more »

Five Pieces Of Music Inspired By Visual Art

Kandinsky – Impression III – Concert (1911) The link between music and art is nothing new, in the same way that all art forms are linked. However, call us biased, but there is something particularly special about how music specifically relates to the others. Is it because music is the one art form that has… Read more »

Five Simple Ways The Dundee Residency Might Excite You

We’re off to Dundee for a few days for one of our ‘SE Residencies‘. If you’re wondering what on earth an SE Residency is, well, the clue is really in the name (and the link, for those who’ve been brought up on Google and don’t do guessing any more): it’s a period of a few days where we… Read more »

Work & Play with Gabriela Montero (piano)

  Gabriela Montero has just had her hair coloured. “I hated it!” she breathes down the phone from Barcelona, in between mouthfuls of pasta. “I was reading a book and I couldn’t concentrate as I could see my hair turning this sort of orange colour…” Thankfully, the stylist has managed to rectify the situation with more dye… Read more »

Quintets at Mareel, Shetland (Shetland News)

Written by Alex Garrick-Wright Published on Saturday 27 February The Scottish Ensemble returned to the Mareel Auditorium on Friday night to bring us the second of their three shows in the 2015/16 Shetland Season. Jonathan Morton, Scottish Ensemble’s Artistic Director and violinist, explained to the non-music buffs that their two-viola quintet was fairly unusual, and… Read more »

Quintets at The Merchant’s House, Glasgow (The Herald)

Written by Keith Bruce Published on Thursday 25 February 2016 THERE was a queue down the stairs for seats at Wednesday lunchtime’s recital by a quintet from Jonathan Morton’s Scottish Ensemble, and little wonder. For all that the group is dedicated to “reinventing the string orchestra”, here just five of the players were on a… Read more »

Quintets at The Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh (The Scotsman)

Written by David Kettle Published on Saturday 27 February 2016 IT WAS a slimmed-down Scottish Ensemble that took to the stage of Musselburgh’s Brunton Theatre – just the five of them, for a passionate programme of string quintets by Mozart and Brahms. Passionate was certainly the word – as they do in their fuller string… Read more »

A Guide To… The Quintets Tour

Five of us will soon be setting off for a week-long trip around Scotland to play quintets. As one of our slightly exhausted office staff announced at the end of an extremely busy 2015: “that’s five people.” At that point, we probably did all need the clarification. The string quintet doesn’t tend to get as many outings… Read more »

Easing into 2016.

A new year sounds like such a bright, fresh prospect – what a shame each year opens with January, that bleakest of months. In an effort to negate the effects of short days and cold nights, we have thrown ourselves in to planning our shiny new season, to be announced in May, and stretching from… Read more »

The Classical Effect

If you live in Glasgow, where the Scottish Ensemble office is based, it’s been hard not to follow the after-effects of The Glasgow Effect – an otherwise innocuous year-long artistic project conceived by Glasgow resident, artist and academic Ellie Harrison which takes its name from the nickname for the unexplained low life expectancy of people… Read more »

Three Pärts Bach: A Guide to Pärt

Arvo Pärt – a cult musical icon for the 21st-century. Pronounced Per-t or Pear-t, depending on your accent, Pärt seems to have become one of those composers with the power to attract ‘the young ones’, which seems to be shorthand for ‘anyone who isn’t really into classical music, persee, but will like things like Pärt… Read more »