Three Pärts Bach at St. John’s Kirk, Perth (Bachtrack)

Written by David Smythe Published on Monday 14 December Image: Fraser Band In their red Santa costumes brightening a cold grey December cityscape, the Perth streets had been full of hundreds of eager festive runners earlier in the day, signalling that the great Christmas celebration will be here before we know it. Christian values aside,… Read more »

Three Pärts Bach: A Guide to Pärt

Arvo Pärt – a cult musical icon for the 21st-century. Pronounced Per-t or Pear-t, depending on your accent, Pärt seems to have become one of those composers with the power to attract ‘the young ones’, which seems to be shorthand for ‘anyone who isn’t really into classical music, persee, but will like things like Pärt… Read more »

Three Pärts Bach at Wellington Church, Glasgow (The Scotsman)

Written by Ken Walton Published on Thursday 10 December The Scottish Ensemble have always stamped their own personality on the way they present their concerts – standing to perform, exuding a friendly camaraderie, and rarely resorting to gimmickry. That distinctiveness is even more marked in their current Advent touring programme – a warm-hearted pre-Christmas cocktail… Read more »

Three Pärts Bach at Wellington Church, Glasgow (The Herald)

Written by Michael Tumelty Published on Thursday 10 December It probably wouldn’t be of interest to everybody, but one of the striking aspects of the Scottish Ensemble’s annual “candle-lit” concert, touring this week and landing at Wellington Church, neighbouring Glasgow University, on Wednesday night, was the fact that the group had a guest leader and… Read more »

Three Pärts Bach: A Guide to Bach

There is, in Scotland, a special time of the year when November slides into December and the miserable sodden rain and howling wind that characterises much of the former turns into even colder, more miserable and more sodden rain which then, if we’re lucky, crystallises into even colder flecks of sleet and snow which covers… Read more »

Concerts by 21st-century candlelight, with DO Architecture

‘Tis the season to bang a few candles on the poster for your event and call it Christmassy. In fact, you’re hard stumped to find a Christmas event that doesn’t have some sort of glowing warmth involved in the advertising, if not the event, because, let’s face it, doing anything by candlelight is (a) an… Read more »

Guest Director Matthew Truscott introduces the December tour

We really are thrilled to welcome Matthew Truscott, leader of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and one of the regular leaders of Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, as Guest Director on this year’s Christmas concert. He has put together a frankly brilliant programme which combines and links some of the most enjoyable and accomplished string pieces… Read more »